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Service Your Endoscopes and Ultrasound Transducers After Summer Season!

After staff vacations, it’s a perfect time to service your endoscopes and ultrasound transducers for the rest of the year. In endoscopy and imaging, image quality and device

functionality are very important in finding patient diagnosis. We will service your device for major defects promptly and cost-effectively, in order that, the device would work as new again.

The cost of inspection and maintenance of the device is € 295 (including transportion and handling costs).

Why service a medical device with Health Trades?

We use the highest quality standards for ISO maintenance (EN ISO

13485) and in compliance with EU MDR legislation patient safety and device performance. In addition to this, our maintenance is cost-effective resulting in hospitals saving about 30-50 percent compared to the maintenance of the manufacturers. We also offer for everyone

normal 6 month warranty for service.

How can I order service?

You can order service by calling or sending an e-mail to our sales staff. You can also find an electronic repair request form that allows you to order service easily and quickly via our website ( You can find our contact information on our website under “contact information”.

We will be waiting for your contact.

Health Traders team wishes you a pleasant start to the autumn!

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