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Instrument Repair 

Health Traders in cooperation with Berger Surgical repair steel instruments of all models and brands, always adhering to the highest quality standards. Berger Surcial's expertise and know-how in instrument maintenance and repair has grown extensively over the years. This allows us to earn the trust of our customers and as a young highly motivated team we are very conscientious and our main goal is to solve our customers' problems in all situations.

Our reliable partner Berger Surgical will help you with the maintenance, repair and optimal use training of steel instruments. We repair instruments of all brands, regardless of manufacturers, in strict compliance with technical standards. When placing a service order, indicate the following information about the endoscope or ultrasonic probe that needs maintenance and repair:

  • Required contact information (name, email address, phone number).

  • Number of instruments that needs to be repaired. 

  • Instrument pick-up and return address.

  • The hospital's own billing or reference information for the repair​ (if available).


We will contact you after receiving a service referral so that you can provide us with a list of instruments to be sent for maintenance.

Repair Request:

Thank you for your order. We will contact you soon.

Are you interested in purchasing new instruments?

Health Traders represents the exclusive sales of Berger Surgical's instruments in Finland. Our instruments are manufactured to the highest quality standards by our experienced employees. All our products are CE marked

Our selection includes all surgical, dental, laparoscopic and KNK instruments.

  • Scissors

  • TC scissors

  • Forceps

  • TC Forceps

  • Clamps and clips

  • Gynecology

  • Urology

  • Bowls and containers

  • Spreaders

  • Needle guides and sewing instruments

  • TC needle carriers

  • Neosurgical instruments

  • Bone surgery

  • Kirchner wire

  • Nail and ward insturments

  • ENT - throat and nose

  • ENT - ear

  • Chest and lung

  • Cardiovascular surgery

  • Stomach, intestine and rectum

  • Liver, gall bladder, kidneys

  • Plastering instruments

  • Sterilization accessories


Below are the catalogs of our instruments for sale. Please note that all instruments on sale are CE-marked medical devices.

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