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Repair Request

We know that every treatment day without a working endoscope leads to research delays, disruptions and reduced revenue for some of our customers. Thus, we have developed intelligent solutions for our customers to ensure that diagnostics and treatment services proceed uninterrupted, even in the event of a breakdown of an endoscope or a ultrasound transducer. If you wish, EndoComplete will deliver a repair request immediately upon receipt of the corresponding loan device free of charge for the duration of the repair. Thus, you will be able to immediately continue to treat your patients. We always strive to provide you, our customer, with the optimal solution and the fastest possible service. 

When placing a repair request, indicate the following information about the endoscope or ultrasound sensor that needs service and repair:

  • Name / mark and type designation of the endoscope or ultrasonic transducer

  • Serial number

  • Description of defects and other desirable corrective actions

  • The name of the contact person who accepts the correction, his or her email address, and phone number

  • Billing or reference information of the hospital department

We will continue after providing these informations; quickly and efficiently!

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