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Health Traders Finland Oy

Health Traders Finland Oy is a company founded in May 2009 that focuses on the sale and maintenance of healthcare supplies and equipment. In Finland, we represent EndoComplete in the repair and maintenance of both rigid and flexible endoscopes and ultrasound transducers.


Health Traders / EndoComplete - experts for experts


Health Traders, in cooperation with EndoComplete, offers endoscopy complete solutions independent of device manufacturers covering repair, maintenance, consulting and training, and, if necessary, financing. The most important resource is its motivated and skilled staff, whose expertise and experience guarantee the best possible service and customer satisfaction. The service of Health Traders and EndoComplete is fast, efficient, meets the highest quality standards and is affordable. Our repair processes, which are independent of device manufacturers, have ISO certification EN ISO 13485 and 9001 from the German Standards Institution and comply with both medical product laws and operating standards. You can find out more about the activities of the companies we represent at the following addresses:

In addition, we work with American Fibertech in Endoeye endoscope repairs. Fibertech which was founded in 1989 is a healthcare company specialized in the maintenance of endoscopes and surgical instruments. You can find more about Fibertech by clicking here.


Our Team


Niila Rönkä, Chief Operating Officer

+358 40 090 6642

Ari Rönkä has worked in various sales, marketing and corporate management positions in the healthcare sector. Ari's strongest expertise is strong experience in the pharmaceutical, equipment and supplies markets and the healthcare industry.

Niila is an experienced sales, marketing and management expert. Niila's work experience consists of sales and marketing tasks, as well as entrepreneurship in companies in various fields. His strongest skills are sales and efficient customer care.

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