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Health Traders, experts for experts.

Health Traders Finland stands as a premier provider of specialized services dedicated to the meticulous maintenance and servicing of hospital instruments, endoscopes, and ultrasound probes. Our primary focus lies in ensuring the highest standards of compliance with European laws and adherence to ISO standards, guaranteeing the reliability and safety of critical medical equipment.

Key Offerings:

  1. Hospital Instrument Maintenance: Health Traders Finland in collaboration with Berger Surgical team of highly skilled technicians specializing in the comprehensive maintenance of various hospital instruments. From surgical tools to diagnostic equipment, our services prioritize precision to optimize equipment performance and extend its operational lifespan.

  2. Endoscope Care and Maintenance: Recognizing the significance of endoscopes in medical procedures, Health Traders Finland in collaboration with EndoComplete follows rigorous protocols to service and maintain medical endoscopes. We adhere strictly to European laws and ISO standards, ensuring hygiene, accuracy, and patient safety in every procedure.

  3. Ultrasound Probe service and maintenance: Our expertise extends to the thorough maintenance of ultrasound probes, with a commitment to meeting the stringent requirements of ISO standards. Health Traders Finland in collabortation with EndoComplete services encompass routine inspections, meticulous maintenance, and calibration to enhance the accuracy of diagnostic imaging.

Commitment to Compliance:

Health Traders Finland with our relaible partners places paramount importance on compliance with European laws and ISO standards. Our practices are meticulously designed to meet regulatory requirements, providing healthcare facilities with confidence in the safety and effectiveness of their medical equipment.

Client-Centric Approach:

At Health Traders Finland, a client-centric philosophy underpins our operations. We understand the critical nature of healthcare instruments and their impact on patient care. Our responsive customer support team ensures timely assistance, transparent communication, and a collaborative partnership focused on the seamless operation of medical equipment.


Why Health Traders Finland:

  • Expert Technicians: Our team comprises highly trained and experienced technicians dedicated to the meticulous care of healthcare instruments.

  • Regulatory Expertise: Health Traders Finland stays abreast of regulatory changes, ensuring that our clients' equipment consistently meets and exceeds industry standards.

  • Reliability: We are committed to the reliability and accuracy of our maintenance services, contributing to the overall efficiency of healthcare facilities.

  • Customer Satisfaction: Our dedicated customer support team is ready to address inquiries, schedule services, and respond promptly to emergency service requests.


Choose Health Traders Finland for a trusted partner in healthcare equipment maintenance, offering unparalleled expertise, adherence to compliance, and a commitment to the optimal functioning of hospital instruments, endoscopes, and ultrasound probes.

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Our Team


Niila Rönkä, Chief Operating Officer

+358 40 090 6642

Ari Rönkä has worked in various sales, marketing and corporate management positions in the healthcare sector. Ari's strongest expertise is strong experience in the pharmaceutical, equipment and supplies markets and the healthcare industry.

Niila is an experienced sales, marketing and management expert. Niila's work experience consists of sales and marketing tasks, as well as entrepreneurship in companies in various fields. His strongest skills are sales and efficient customer care.

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